Atlantic Technology Timeline

1975 ­ Atlantic's Peter Tribeman founded Audio Pulse, leading the company's design team to develop the world's first consumer-oriented digital time delay system. The Audio Pulse Model One was one of the very first products to deliver realistic multi-channel sound to audio aficionados at home.

1980 ­ Tribeman served as President of NAD USA, distributing the highly regarded line of NAD audiophile components throughout the US.

1982 – Tribeman leads a consortium including Dolby Labs and Lucasfilm to assemble and publicly demonstrate the first Home Theater System utilizing the Dolby Surround matrix. This included a hand-built "black box" that would later become known as the Dolby MP (motion picture) matrix decoder. This decoder evolved into the first generation home Dolby Surround decoder.

1989 - Atlantic Technology begins... Its first two products, The Pattern 100 and Pattern 200, were the world's first compact, totally self-powered systems. Launched in 1990, The Pattern 200 was the first totally self-contained fully powered Dolby® Pro Logic home theater system. It was the precursor to all the "Home Theater in a Box" products seen on the market today. And this was long before the vast majority of other companies had even considered Home Theater or multi-channel sound.

1992 - Atlantic Technology International is incorporated. System 150 was introduced.

1993 - Atlantic introduces the System 250. This system offered very high performance for its price class. It received the Hi-Fi Grand Prix award for outstanding performance.

1995 - Atlantic introduces System 220 and System 350 THX. System 220 was a very high performance home theater speaker package at modest cost—a scaled-down System 250. System 350 THX was introduced to much acclaim because of its ground breaking 3-way THX certified front satellite designs and its first-of-a-kind horizontal THX-certified center channel. Both the System 350 THX and System 250 were included in Stereophile magazine's Recommended Components list.

1996 - Atlantic introduces System 250.1 and the 162 PBM powered subwoofer. The already-famous System 250 is upgraded to meet the demands of Dolby Digital (AC-3) and DTS Digital surround formats. The 162 PBM powered subwoofer, at $299.00 retail, surprises the industry with its amazing musicality and low bass performance.

1997 - Atlantic introduces the System 450 THX. This top-of-the-line, elegant gloss black system redefines high performance affordable home theater. Similar in appearance to the 350 system, the 450 uses significantly higher quality drivers, cabinets, and crossover networks, and a new 15" 325-watt Class G powered subwoofer. Shortly after, System 370 THX is introduced as a more affordable non-gloss alternative to the 450 THX.

System 450 has won:

  • 1998 CES Design and Engineering Showcase
  • 1998 Home Theater Magazine review "93" rating
  • Home Theater Magazine "Hot Ticket Award"
  • Stereophile Guide To Home Theater Magazine "A" rating, Recommended Components.
  • Lucasfilm frequently uses System 450e in their Skywalker ranch THX training facility.

System 370 has won:

  • 1998 Audio Video International Magazine HiFi Grand Prix Award
  • Home Theater Magazine uses the System 370 as their Reference Standard.

1998 – THX-certified System 270 is introduced. This amazing package delivers performance almost on par with the original System 350 (with a single subwoofer) at a very affordable price.

System 270 has won:

  • 1998 Home Theater Magazine review "90" rating
  • Stereophile Guide To Home Theater Magazine "AA" rating, Recommended Components
  • 1998 Consumers Digest Best Buy Award
  • 1998 Home Theater Magazine Dream Systems of The Year Editors Award
  • 1999 Stereophile Guide To Home Theater Editors Choice Gold Award, Product of the Year
  • 2000 Sound and Vision Magazine Reviewers Choice Award
  • 2001 Consumers Digest Best Buy Award

1999 ­ System 170 is introduced. In keeping with our logical step up or step down system concept, 170 is smaller version of System 270 offering excellent music and movie reproduction in a fairly compact package. Home Theater Magazine called the System 170 "The best engineered mini-system ever, awarding it their “Hot ticket."

1999 ­ System 450 THX becomes 450e THX. Performance enhancements are introduced in the LR, Center, and surround speakers.

1999 ­ Atlantic introduces the IWTS (InWall Theater Systems) concept with the System 10 front satellite flush mount speaker. Drawing on our expertise in designing fully integrated high performance surround sound systems we introduce the concept of Custom Home Theater using flush mount speakers.

2000 ­ System 20, a THX Ultra certified flush mount system with a unique switchable Dipole/Bipole surround speaker debuts to fabulous reviews and instant sales success. Home Theater Magazine says, Value 97, Performance 96, Build Quality 98

2001- The 20e SR, and 10e SR are introduced, offering the ultimate in-wall surround performance.

2001 Atlantic redefines built-in bass reproduction with the unveiling of the IWTS-8 SUB in-wall subwoofers. Powered by external amplification with amazing room-tuning capability and fitting easily into standard 2 x 4” stud construction the IWTS-8 SUB delivers thunderous THX Ultra-certified bass.

2002 The P-2000 preamp processor is unveiled. This processor is outfitted with the latest surround formats from Dolby EX to DTS ES Discrete. Innovative features such as triple crossover, bass management for DVD-Audio and SACD, and Cirrus Extra Surround™ provide the necessary features to deliver the most exciting audiovisual experience. Multi-room capabilities and an onboard tuner enhance functionality. Combined with the A-2000, the P-2000 offers the performance and flexibility of separates at the cost of high-end receivers.

The 7-channel 120-watt x 7 A-2000 amplifier is introduced as the companion to the P-2000. The 78-pound multi-channel amplifier is capable of delivering prodigious amounts of clean power to any speaker and is equally adept with both movie soundtracks and music.

2003 Atlantic Technology introduces the C.O.R.E. (Custom Optimized Room Enhanced) Technology product line. This innovative approach to speaker design allows for successful integration in any room or location through sound optimization controls, as well as the ability to seamlessly blend the speaker’s aesthetic with any décor by means of custom accent panels. Systems 8200 and 6200, are lauded by the audio press for their stunning visuals and impressive performance.

  • 8200—Innovations Award, CES January 2004

System 8200 THX, Atlantic’s flagship product, represents the latest in speaker evolution. It easily overcomes the two biggest obstacles to complete customer satisfaction—room acoustics and aesthetics— and delivers natural and incredibly accurate sound for all program material in any venue. System 8200 is among the industry’s very few elite THX Ultra 2 certified systems.

System 6200 shares its lineage with its big brother the 8200. System 6200 offers the same great sound on a slightly smaller, more manageable scale. Like the 8200, System 6200 incorporates acoustic optimization controls on the left, center, and right speakers to deliver excellent sound in any room.

2004 Building on the success of the 8200 and 6200, Atlantic introduces the Systems 4200, 2200 and 1200. These systems are a quantum leap forward in sophistication, cosmetics, and performance over their predecessors. Each system shares the 8200-6200 family look and performance, but they bring the famous AT sound to price points everyone can afford.

  • 4200—Reviewer’s Choice Award, 2004
  • 2200—“Best Compact System Ever” Secrets of Home Theater
  • 1200—Editor’s Choice, C/Net

2004 New subwoofers 212 SB, 422 SB, and 642 SB are introduced. All three subwoofers draw rave reviews, establishing new standards for powerful, articulate bass performance. All incorporate Atlantic’s exclusive Clear Filter Technology™ for unrivaled bass power, clarity and detail.

2004 ICTS-8.3 and 6.3 introduced. Flexible ceiling speakers that can be used for a variety of roles.

2004 The new System 920/102 SB makes its appearance. This system is accorded a 97 Rating by Home Theater magazine—their highest speaker rating ever!

2005 The new wall-or stand-mount FS-3200 Flatscreen speakers are introduced. Sound & Vision magazine calls them “One of the best I’ve ever heard.”

2005 New moderately-priced in-ceiling speakers, the 6.2 and 8.2 are brought to market. With these new models, Atlantic now provides whole-house audio applications with true high-fidelity speakers.

2005 The superb, highly-reviewed, THX-certified System 4200 and 642 SB subwoofer are upgraded to “e” (“enhanced”) status. The new 4200e/642e SB feature improved cosmetics, smoother response, and greatly increased low-bass output. Audioholics says, “Fantastic detail…absolutely clean and clear…a great product!”

2005 Ushering in a new era in home theater loudspeakers, the FS-4000 3-in-1 LCR speaker makes its appearance on the market. Unlike other all-in-one speakers, the FS-4000 does not require a subwoofer for vibrant, rich sound.

  • FS-4000— Wins Custom Retailer Magazine’s prestigious Exc!te! award as one of 2006’s most innovative products

2005 Atlantic steps outside! The new AW-424 All Weather speaker debuts, with a host of innovative performance and installation innovations.

2006 The highly successful 6.3/8.3, 6.2/8.2 speakers are upgraded to “e” (“enhanced”) status. A new anti-diffraction trim ring makes these speakers’ smooth, natural response even better.

2006 More Atlantic Innovation! The new 10 CSB Corner-mounted Subwoofer solves the ugly-black-box-in-the-room problem forever. With its triangular, paintable cabinet, the 10 CSB snugs right into the corner. Out of sight bass—in every way!

  • 10 CSB— Wins Custom Retailer Magazine’s prestigious Exc!te! award as one of 2006’s most innovative products

2006 The ICTS-6 LCR ceiling-mounted LCR speaker is introduced and becomes an instant hit. It’s the first ceiling speaker to offer legitimate LCR theater quality, without excessive complication or exorbitant cost.

2006 The revolutionary, all-new In-Wall Closed Box (IWCB) speakers burst onto the market. With their audiophile-quality full-range sound, their innovative LRT™ tweeter, and their exclusive Directional Vector Control™, the IWCBs stun the industry with their sound quality, placement flexibility and ease of installation.

2006 Building on the success and wide acceptance of the FS-4000, the larger, more powerful FS-5000 3-in-1 LCR speaker is introduced. With a cabinet 10” wider, but the same height and depth as the FS-4000, the FS-5000 has the sonic firepower to be used with the largest plasma televisions in extremely large rooms.

2007 The top-of-the-line System 8200 becomes the 8200e. It retains its THX Ultra 2 certification, but becomes simpler to assemble as the interchangeable side panels are dropped. Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity says, "The 8200e's blew me away!"

  • 8200e— Wins Custom Retailer Magazine’s prestigious Exc!te! award as one of 2007’s most innovative products

2007 The System 6200 becomes the 6200e, earning official THX Ultra 2 certification and gaining the same simplicity of assembly as the 8200e by eliminating the removable side panels.

  • 6200e— Wins Electronic House Magazine’s prestigious Product of the Year award as one of 2007’s most advanced loudspeakers.

2007 Atlantic introduces the amazing new IWTS-7 LCR and 14 LCR in-wall speakers. These new speakers set a new standard of higher in-wall performance by utilizing non-resonant MDF baffles instead of conventional plastic, and also employing Atlantic exclusives like the Low Resonance Tweeter and the Directional Vector Control.

2008 The world's first THX Select2 speaker is introduced, the IWCB-727. With its integral back box, the IWCB-727 is the perfect in-wall speaker for THX-grade retrofit systems.

2008 The 8200e/642e SB wins the prestigious RAVE award from Home Theater Magazine as 2008's best speaker system.

2008 The 6200e/642e SB system is named by Sound&Vision magazine as the Best Value in a High End speaker system.

2008 Atlantic introduces the incredible IWTS-30 LCR THX Ultra 2-certified in-wall speaker, hailed by many as the world's best-sounding in-wall speaker.

2008 Electronic House magazine names the IWTS-30 LCR its Product of the Year

2008 The IWTS-30 SR wins an Exc!te! Award from Custom Retailer magazine as one of 2008's best products.

2009 Atlantic introduces the amazing new IWTS-155 LCR THX Ultra 2-certified in-wall speaker. This speaker can be used either vertically or horizontally, and fits between 16"-on-center wall studs.

2009 The best-selling, highly acclaimed systems 1200 and 2200 are replaced with the System 1400 and 2400, which feature nicer styling and even better performance due to their AT-exclusive LRT™ tweeter.

2009 The new 1400 SR surround speaker is the world's first to take advantage of Dolby's new Height algorithm, bringing a new dimension of realism to recorded movies and music. 

2009 The System 1400 and IWCB-727 are both awarded "Best Pick" honors by, an on-line company that specializes in reviewing and evaluating the latest technology. 

2009 The IWTS-155 LCR wins an Exc!te! Award from Custom Retailer magazine as one of 2009's best products.

2009 In what can only be described as a ground-breaking move, Atlantic debuts the world's first and only 7-channel soundbar. It becomes an instant best-seller. Home Theater Magazine calls its performance "Fantastic."

2009 The astonishing new System 4400 receives a "Top Pick" rating from Home Theater Magazine, lavishing such praise on it as, "Lends itself to superlatives," "Stellar performer," and "Unbeatable value." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

2009 Atlantic sets the audio industry on its collective ear at CEDIA with its first public demonstration of the revolutionary H-PAS™ technology. Much more on this in 2010..... 

2010  Home Theater magazine cites the FS-7.0/SB-800 system as a "Top Pick."

2010 Atlantic introduces the amazing new AT-1 floorstanding speaker, featuring the revolutionary H-PAS™ technology. Using just two 5 1/4" woofers in a slim, compact cabinet, the AT-1 reaches strongly down to a subwoofer-like 29 Hz!

2010 Sound & Vision magazine delivers a rave review of the AT-1. "Its performance/value quotient can hardly be overstated....A critical listener with a demand for deep bass could scarcely do better." 

2010 The AT-1 wins an Exc!te! Award from Custom Retailer magazine as one of 2010's best products.

2011 Atlantic introduces the remarkable new WA-50 wireless transmitter/receiver system. This innovative little unit makes virtually any equipment a wireless device, instantly transforming the way people can enjoy their gear. CNET said, "The setup took about two minutes, the sound was really good....the WA-50 performed flawlessly."

2011 Building on the momentum of the hugely successful FS-7.0 and SB-800 7-channel soundbar/subwoofer system, Atlantic introduces the FS-7.1 7-channel soundbar and SB-900 subwoofer. Together, they feature significant performance and cosmetic upgrades from their predecessors.

2011 Home Theater magazine reviews the AT-1 and says, "It has an amazing bottom end and many other qualities that will put more expensive speakers to shame."

2011 The AT-1 is named to the prestigious Stereophile Recommended Components list as a Class B product, one category beneath 'price no object'!

2011 Atlantic brings its award winning H-PAS Bass Technology to a bookshelf size and introduces the AT-2. Incredible full range sound from under 16 inches!

2012 The SB-900DF subwoofer is introduced as the down firing version of the SB-900 allowing for ultimate placement flexibility of this compact yet powerful enclosure.

2012 Following the great success of the WA-50 Wireless System, Atlantic brings out the WA-5030 amplified wireless system. It contains a built in 30 watt/channel amplifier and allows you to send full-range CD quality signals throughout your house wth no interference, noise or drop outs.

2012 Atlantic upgrades its In-Ceiling Speaker line with an invisible bezel design. The new TLC.2 and TLC.3 speakers have vastily upgraded crossovers and drive units and magnetically attached grills for ease of installation.

2012 Atlantic introduces the first Soundbar that doesn't require a subwoofer! The PB-235 is an H-PAS enabled powered soundbar that produces bass down to 47Hz!

2013 The PB-235 gets an upgrade to the PB-235-BT with the added BTAA-50 adapter for full bluetooth capability and also wins the Custom Retailer Exc!te Award.

2013 New Square grills are available for the new Thin Bezel In-Ceiling line and the SHELF-2405 assists in mounting solutions for the FS-7.1 and PB-235BT

2014 The IC-6.1 and IC-6HT, upgraded to thin bezel and magnetic grills.

2014 Atlantic is one of the first manufacturers to work closely with Dolby Laboratories on the new Dolby Atmos format and develops the 44-DA - Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker module

2014 The IW-28SUB and IW-30LCR are upgraded to match the In-Ceiling line as thin bezel and magnetic grills for the ultimate in stealth installations

2014 The AW-5 Outdoor speaker is announced to provide the great Atlantic sound outside with an easy one-handed installation.

2015 Atlantic introduces the IC-6 OBA which is a dedicated Object Sound Based Audio In-Ceiling speaker designed to work with Dolby Atmos®, Auro 3D® and DTS:X® formats