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We have said it before, but we can not help repeating it: The goal of home theater is not to put you in the movie theater, it is to put you in the movie! And now, as home entertainment systems transition to multi-channel sound, which encompasses home theater, music surround and more, the concept of "virtually" putting you in the action is even more important. Since we started our corporate journey in 1989 this focus has been our guiding principal. Since then we are proud to say that we have become one of the most highly regarded companies specializing in designing complete high performance multi-channel speaker systems. In fact, we are considered by many to rank right up there with the very top surround sound speaker experts.

By engineering innovative audio products at affordable prices, we have received dozens of industry accolades together with numerous spectacular reviews. And beyond performance, we work exceptionally hard to ensure that our speakers integrate easily and attractively into your home while they´re delivering consistently great movie and music reproduction.

tribeman1.jpgA Letter From Our Founder

(At right, Atlantic Technology Founder Peter Tribeman, his wife Dotty, and our Chief Woofer, Dewey.)

Dear Movie and Music lovers:

While multi-channel sound is one the fastest growing categories of consumer electronics, there still remains only a small group of companies who have extensive experience and expertise in this area, and I´m proud to say Atlantic Technology is one of the best. We´re a group of engineers and designers who have spent the majority of our careers (over 200 years, collectively) in high performance sound reproduction.

We also love music and movies, and we´re fortunate enough to have access to several quality Dolby Digital and THX Certified Theaters close by. We spend as much time in these theaters as we do in our own sound rooms. Then we go back to and tune our new systems until we´re happy with the results. A great deal of listening in addition to careful measuring is done, because measurements only tell you a small part of what speakers actually sound like. Only when we´re totally satisfied with their performance on movies and music do we measure them for their printed specifications.

It should be obvious by now that we´re dedicated to delivering accurate, high quality sound reproduction of music and movies in your home environment. The many positive reviews and awards that we´ve received are testimony to how successful our efforts have been. When we develop our Home Theater systems we always have our toughest critics in mind - ourselves. So we create systems we would want to live with - systems that are compact, powerful, accurate, attractive, and affordable.

We´re proud to say that the result of our efforts are consistently among the most highly reviewed and honored Home Theater speaker systems available. Actually, over 100 reviewers worldwide have raved about Atlantic Technology´s outstanding system performance and value. All of our current systems carry on this legacy...performance without compromise at prices that are surprisingly affordable.

There´s an old expression that says "Things like that only happen in the movies". At Atlantic Technology we´ll make them happen in your home.


Peter Tribeman Founder of Atlantic Technology