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Atlantic Technology's New In-ceiling Speakers Ideal for All Object-Based Theater Sound Technologies


NORWOOD, MA (12/18/14) -- Atlantic Technology, a leader in loudspeakers for home theater, has announced the first in-ceiling speaker specifically designed to reproduce "object based" elevation channels.

In the last several months, Dolby and Auro (soon to be joined by DTS) have introduced algorithms designed to envelop the home theater listener with a bubble of sound coming from above. All of these formats are modeled on the latest "object-based" sound systems and sound tracks that have been developed to provide the audience with a totally immersive sound field.

The IC-6-OBA contains a high dynamic range 6-inch woofer coupled with a pair of one-inch tweeters designed to produce a "wide scatter." Most other in-ceiling designs tend to have a narrow dispersion and can create audible "hot spots'' to listeners directly the below the speakers. By contrast, the Atlantic IC-6-OBA spreads out the sound field similar to what is actually heard in movie theaters where elevation speakers are usually 30 to 40 feet above the listener.

With the IC-6-OBA, sounds above will move in specific directions without calling attention to themselves as "speakers above your head."

"It is the closest we can get to a true movie theater experience," comments Peter Tribeman, Atlantic Technology's President. "Once you have heard an object-based sound field using IC-6-OBA speakers, it is difficult to go back to standard 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound."

The IC-6-OBA speakers enter the market in January with a suggested retail price of $325 each.

Atlantic Technology Introduces Revolutionary 44-DA Speaker
Module for New Dolby Atmos® Sound Technology

New Atlantic speaker puts the viewer inside the action by creating a true
 multi-dimensional sonic soundscape

AT 44 DA for Dolby Atmos

Atlantic Technology's 44 DA Speaker Module is used to generate spatial sound objects for the new Dolby Atmos® Sound Technology

AT 44 DA for Dolby Atmos

Here, an Atlantic Technology 44 DA module is mounted on top of one of Atlantic's 4400LR THX Certified home theater speakers.

NORWOOD, MA (8/27/14) -- Atlantic Technology today announced the introduction of its revolutionary new 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker module for home theater use.

Dolby Atmos is a new technology developed by Dolby Laboratories that adds an unprecedented degree of realism to movie soundtracks. Dolby Atmos is an object based audio format that allows sound mixers to accurately define the specific location of an audio object in a 3 dimensional listening space. This represents a significant departure from the confines and limitations of channel based audio mixing and playback formats. To create the vertical sense of space and layer of sound above the listener that is essential for a lifelike, believable sonic event, the Dolby Atmos renderer in a Dolby Atmos enabled AV receiver adapts the soundtrack to the individual speaker layout in a home theater system. With Dolby Atmos, sound comes alive from all directions, including overhead, to fill the home theater with astonishing power, detail, and depth.

To fully realize the benefit and effect of this multi-dimensional sound technology in the home, and recreate the layer of sound above the listener, specially engineered speakers with extremely precise frequency response and directional sound radiation characteristics are needed. Atlantic Technology chose to develop an attractive compact Dolby Atmos enabled "module" that could be added to its own existing systems or, for that matter, to ANY existing home theater.

The new Atlantic Technology 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled loudspeaker module utilizes a 5 ¼" woofer and 1" silk dome tweeter in a concentric driver array (CDA), firing from the top of the speaker enclosure at a precisely-determined angle, to achieve the optimum effect. Particular attention has been paid to delivering a "controlled acoustic scatter" in an effort to dramatically broaden the sweet spot of the sound reflected by the ceiling, allowing for greater placement flexibility within the listening room.

Upon seeing and hearing the first working sample from Atlantic Technology, Dolby decided to feature the Atlantic system in closed door partner demonstrations at last year's CEDIA. Later that year, Dolby provided its employees a glimpse into the future of home entertainment when it featured this system during its worldwide sales and marketing conference.

Measuring just 5 ½ x 8 3/8 x 9 ½" HWD, the Atlantic 44 DA compact speaker module is designed to fit perfectly on top of Atlantic's THX-certified 4400 LR speakers, creating an integrated, "one-piece" look that delivers the stunning realism of Dolby Atmos soundtracks with clarity and precision. In addition, because of their compact design and power handling ability, the 44-DA's are well-suited to being used on top of other speakers or, equally important, as "stand-alone" elevation speakers as part of a complete Dolby Atmos system.

"The availability of the 44-DA facilitates the transformation of an ordinary home theater into an extraordinary listening experience for the custom installer and home theater enthusiast alike. The 44-DA represents the next step forward in delivering a truly believable sonic theater experience in the home. I am proud that Atlantic's advanced engineering--working closely with Dolby--has produced this revolutionary loudspeaker," commented Peter Tribeman, President and founder of Atlantic Technology.

The Atlantic Technology 44-DA loudspeaker will be available in the 4th quarter of 2014 at Atlantic dealers nationwide, at an MSRP of $499/pair.

The new 44-DA speaker will be on display at Atlantic's CEDIA booth #1386.

Atlantic Technology is Now Shipping its H-PAS PowerBar 235


Achieves exceptional bass response and dialog clarity without using a separate subwoofer

NORWOOD, MASS (10/8/12) -- Atlantic Technology, a world leader in loudspeakers for home theater, has announced that its H-PAS™ PowerBar 235 full-range sound bar is now shipping to its dealers. This 43-inch wide sound bar is designed to deliver theater-level performance without an external subwoofer. The PowerBar 235 can be mounted above or below a flat-screen TV either on a shelf or wall-mounting bracket.

The PowerBar 235 features Atlantic’s patented H-PAS bass system, which produces deep, distortion-free bass without a subwoofer—reaching down to 47 Hz at theater-level SPLs. The PowerBar also boasts a sophisticated DSP with Dolby Digital® and DTS that delivers 2, 3 or 5 channel experience for total listener immersion. The PowerBar 235 represents a major leap forward in both acoustic technology, performance and user convenience for the sound bar product category.

A further benefit of H-PAS technology is its remarkable dialog clarity. This is due in part to the low bass distortion of the system's compact drivers and the fact that the full range of sound is coming from where your brain expects it to come from -- in front of the listener. Most conventional sound bars only go down to an audio frequency 150-200 Hz, which requires the subwoofer in the corner or behind the sofa to carry some of the lower registers of human speech. These subtle fragments of dialog now arrive at the listener's ears at the wrong time and from the wrong direction, making the dialog harder to understand.

"We are very excited to be shipping the PowerBar 235 to our dealers," said Lawrence Davis, Atlantic Technology, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Most of our dealers got to hear the prototypes of the PowerBar 235 at trade shows and they were blown away by the sound. At this price point, there are so many pre-orders that we’ve already had to increase production. Honestly, the H-PAS PowerBar 235 without a subwoofer outperforms competitor’s products that cost twice as much with a subwoofer," he continued.

H-PAS technology is the result of a collaborative effort between Atlantic Technology and Phil Clements of Solus/Clements Loudspeakers, who first recognized that there were ways to beat the old “Iron Law” of acoustics, which for over 50 years has established a fixed relationship between the cabinet size and bass response of loudspeakers. Working jointly with Clements, an engineering team at Atlantic was able to mathematically model Clements' discoveries and make it possible to apply H-PAS design parameters to a wide range of speaker designs. The company is the exclusive licensor of H-PAS technology, and is working with several companies to utilize this remarkable system.

The Atlantic Technology PowerBar PB-235 is now on sale with a suggested retail price of $899


CEDIA Expo:  Booth 3001hpas_logo_75.jpg

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Atlantic Technology and Solus/Clements Introduce Revolutionary H-PAS Bass Technology

H-PAS™ technology allows speaker designers to achieve targeted bass performance with 50 percent smaller cabinets, smaller drivers, and lower costs. The company will be licensing H-PAS to other manufacturers.

NORWOOD, MA (8/24/09) -- Atlantic Technology and Solus/Clements, two highly respected US loudspeaker manufacturers, today announced that they have joined forces to develop, market, and license a revolutionary new loudspeaker design protocol capable of delivering deep, low-distortion bass response at output levels unobtainable through conventional bass-alignment techniques. In particular, this technology will allow speakers with smaller cabinets and drivers to achieve levels of performance normally associated with much larger speaker systems. Proof of concept prototypes will be demonstrated at the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia from September 10 through September 13, 2009.

The new patent-pending system, called H-PAS™, (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System), combines elements of several speaker technologies: bass reflex, inverse horn, and transmission line. Using a unique cabinet design, these technologies are cascaded one to another to pressurize and accelerate low frequencies. In addition, the signals travel through a passive resonance/harmonic distortion line filter. The final result is the ability of an H-PAS design to deliver extended deep bass with exceptionally low distortion.

H-PAS does not require the use of special drivers, any kind of on-board electronics or outboard equalization -- it is a purely passive system, completely compatible with all amplifiers and AV receivers.

The inventor of the technology is Philip Clements of Solus/Clements Loudspeakers, a 30-year plus CE industry veteran and loudspeaker designer. For the past eight months, Clements has worked closely with Atlantic Technology to develop a range of compact designs using H-PAS protocols. Clements has contracted with, and appointed Atlantic Technology as the exclusive licensing agent for the technology, and will now continue its development together with Atlantic.

The H-PAS demonstration model that will be on display at the CEDIA Expo utilizes two 4 ½-inch drivers in an enclosure of approximately 1.4 cubic feet to produce bass that extends to 29 Hz  (-3dB) at Sound Pressure Levels that exceed 105dB. Bass harmonic distortion is under 3%. Comparable performance in a conventionally designed loudspeaker system would require bass drivers of at least triple the size in an enclosure at least twice as large.

“Until now, I would have considered it virtually impossible to achieve such high levels of bass performance and quality in such small enclosures," said Peter Tribeman, the president of Atlantic Technology. "With higher performance from smaller cabinets, and hence the potential for lower manufacturing and shipping costs, we believe H-PAS has applications in almost every corner of the loudspeaker business, ranging from large floorstanding towers to desktop computer speakers."

"This new system," Tribeman continues, "is the first ever to break the famous Iron Law of loudspeaker design, which states: 'deep bass extension, compact enclosure, or good efficiency … pick any two at the expense of the third'. For the very first time, due to Phil Clements' breakthrough design, we can have them all.”

Atlantic Technology anticipates shipping its first H-PAS product, the H-PAS-1 floor-standing speaker, in the 4th quarter of 2009. Solus/Clements will also deliver an H-PAS 6-1/2-inch tower and bookshelf model to be available early next year.
Additionally, Atlantic Technology will be licensing H-PAS technology to other manufacturers. The new system will be demonstrated by appointment to interested parties at Atlantic Technology’s CEDIA Expo booth 3001.

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Atlantic Technology Debuts and Delivers the World's First 7-channel Sound Bar for Home Theater


Atlantic Technology FS-7.0 Surround Bar and SB-800 subwoofer.


NORWOOD, MA (9/9/09) -- Atlantic Technology introduced the world's first seven-channel sound bar home theater speaker system at the CEDIA Expo held in Atlanta, September 9-13. The Atlantic Technology FS-7.0 Surround Bar is the first loudspeaker capable of reproducing all seven channels of a home theater soundtrack in a single 40-inch wide wall-mountable enclosure. The company has also introduced the SB-800, a powerful 8-inch subwoofer that is designed for optimal integration with the FS-7.0.

"Single-enclosure surround sound systems have become an important part of the home theater marketplace," comments Steve Feinstein, Atlantic Technology Director of Marketing and Product Development. "But we've never been happy with the digital processing approach that has dominated the category. So we pored over the psycho-acoustic research, went back to the speaker design drawing board, and fleshed out an all-speaker solution that retains every iota of the original sound information, but re-distributes it among a sophisticated driver array to deliver cleaner, fuller, and more convincing surround sound than we've heard from any other system"

The FS-7.0 is capable of reproducing a full seven channels of home theater audio thanks to a creative assemblage of technologies and drivers. The speaker's front baffle includes three 1-inch soft dome tweeters, each of which handles the upper frequencies for one of the front LCR channels. Also on the front panel are a pair of 4x6-inch woofers, each featuring dual voice coils that allow these two woofers to reproduce all three of the front soundstage channels' upper bass and midrange reproduction. The left driver reproduces the left front channel and half of the center channel, while the right driver handles the right front channel and the other half of the center channel.  This arrangement saves cabinet space and maintains a trim enclosure. The LCR treble is handled by the three 1-inch tweeters.

For the surround channels, the company has designed a unique pair of full-range 3-1/4-inch drivers mounted at either side of the cabinet. Each driver has been situated at a very precisely determined radiation angle to maximize the immersion of the surround field by taking advantage of reflections from the front and side walls of the theater. Additionally, each of these patent-pending drivers features a triple voice coil design, allowing them to reproduce both the side and rear surround channels, as well as incorporating a portion of the front left and right channels to impart a greater sense of spaciousness to the front soundstage.  The end result is an impressively immersive surround field that is compatible with any multichannel receiver or processor in existence. 

The final component in Atlantic's compact multichannel surround system is the addition of a powered subwoofer to reproduce the special effects and deep bass signals that drive much of the home theater experience.  While the FS-7.0 system is compatible with any subwoofer, Atlantic has designed a model specifically for this system.  The SB-800 is a compact, but powerful, 100-watt subwoofer with a long-throw 8-inch woofer that is capable of linear output down to 32 Hz, and output of up to 103 dB in a 2000 cubic foot room.  

Atlantic Technology Debuts Wireless Audio Solutions for Subwoofers and Remote Zones

thm_wa-50-rt.jpgNORWOOD, MA, Jan 25, 2011 -- Atlantic Technology, one of America's most respected manufacturers of loudspeakers and custom installation solutions, has introduced its WA-50 Wireless Audio System, which can transmit a full-range stereo signal wirelessly up to 150 feet, or 300 feet line-of-sight, and with no time delay or interference. The WA-50 system can accommodate three zones and eliminates the need for long runs of RCA cable for powered subwoofers or remote amplified speaker systems. "We think custom installers are really going to appreciate the WA-50 wireless audio system," said Steve Feinstein, Director of Marketing and Product Development, Atlantic Technology. "Installers and end users alike are always looking for a way to eliminate those unsightly long runs of RCA cables. Now they have a quality solution. The WA-50 also has applications for rear surround channels, remote Zones, and outdoor speakers."

The Atlantic Technology WA-50 wireless audio system is incredibly easy to set up and use. Up to three WA-50 transmitters and an unlimited number of receivers can be used in a system. Simply connect the WA-50 transmitter to the desired RCA audio outputs, and the WA-50 receiver to the RCA line inputs of a powered subwoofer or powered speaker system.  Both the transmitter and receiver have a three-position switch that assigns each pairing to either Zone 1, Zone 2, or Zone 3. The WA-50 can also be connected to your PC or Macintosh using a supplied USB cable interface. This allows the WA-50 to transmit music from the computer to your high-end audio system or to a portable audio system by the pool for parties.

Atlantic Technology Introduces Two In-Wall Surround Speakers, With and Without THX Ultra Certification

sm_IWTS-30-SR.jpgAtlantic Technology has introduced a two dipole/bipole switchable surround speakers in its IWTS line (In Wall Theater System) of architectural speakers for home theater. Both the IWTS-30 SR and the IWTS-14 SR feature dual two-way driver arrays facing front and rear to fill the listening area with ambient sound for a remarkably convincing, lifelike theater soundfield. The IWTS-30 SR has earned THX Ultra certification, a testimony to its remarkable performance and high output capabilities. The IWTS 14 SR (which is not THX Certified) shares the capabilities and feature set of its sibling, but with slightly less extended bass output.  

Atlantic Technology Launches Flagship THX Ultra2 In-Wall Speaker                       

thm_IWTS-30-LCR_front.jpgthm_IWTS-30-LCR_horiz.jpgNorwood, MA (4/15/08) – After eight years as one of the industry's most successful THX-Certified in-wall loudspeakers, Atlantic Technology has replaced its flagship IWTS-20 LCR with a brand new model, the IWTS-30 LCR THX Ultra2 Certified in-wall loudspeaker. Atlantic Technology's THX Ultra2 Certified IWTS-30 LCR can be installed horizontally or vertically

The Atlantic Technology IWTS-30 LCR speakers are designed for use as the left, right, and center front channels in a state-of-the-art home theater system, and they deliver all the sonic accuracy and performance the world had come to expect from products earning the prestigious THX Ultra2 Certification. A rotating and pivoting midrange-tweeter assembly ensures optimal performance regardless of whether the enclosure is mounted horizontally or vertically, and it uses the company's exclusive Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT™) for exceptional off-axis listening. The speakers are designed for easy and aesthetically pleasing installation, and an optional sealed rear enclosure provides added acoustic isolation.