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WA-5030 System

Add wireless capability to any unit in your system - instantly!

sm_WA-5030_system.jpgOur wireless systems will easily allow you to set up another zone, or connect surround speakers  where speaker wiring is just not practical or desired!

The WA-5030 System wirelessly transmits a stereo audio signal from one location to a dedicated wireless 30 watt-per-channel amplifier/receiver. The amplifier/receiver is then connected to any general purpose loudspeaker and voila! Music in another room-instantly-without any complicated wire runs!

This can also be connected to your PC or MAC using the supplied USB cable interface. Music can be transmitted from the computer to your high-end audio system or portable system in another room or even out by the deck or pool!   

WA-5030 System





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WA-5030 Manual

Feature List

  • Wireless full CD quality sound
  • Robust and dedicated network for your audio
  • Easy setup: get wireless music in seconds
  • Wireless range up to 150 ft (50m);line of sight, 300 ft (100m) 
  • Works with both Mac and PC 
  • Plug'n play no software required
  • Flexible multi-zone functionality
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Model WA-5030 System  
Wireless Range Up to 50 m; 100m in line of sight  
RF Band RF Band 2.4GHz  
USB USB 2.0 interface  
SNR SNR 93dB  
Power 2 x 30Watts/channel, 1kHz  

Dimensions  (W x H x D)  Transmitter:



1 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 3/4"

3 1/2" (+1" for terminals) x 4 1/2" x 1 1/2"

1 1/2" x 3 3/8" x 1/4"

Weight (ea) 1 LB  

Atlantic Technology reserves the right to change specifications or appearance at any time without notice.

WA-5030 System -Wireless Transmitter/Amplifier System

The WA-50-t transmitter is a high performance device that broadcasts digital audio over the 2.4 GHz band. Analog input signals are converted to digital format for transmission. The radio frequency broadcast is digital uncompressed, CD quality data. The WA-50r receiver/amplifier receives the wireless signal from the WA-50t transmitter and then can drive a pair of 4-8 ohm speakers. Up to 3 receivers can operate off a single WA-50t transmitter and both the receiver and transmitter are equipped to operate with up to 3 different zone settings. Each zone is unique, so components operating and linked on one zone will not receive or interfere with other WA components operating on a different zone.  It can transmit a full-range stereo signal wirelessly up to 150 feet or 300 feet line-of-sight with no time delay or interference. The system comes with its own remote control so that on-off and volume functions can be performed in the remote location, independent of the main system. Additional receivers are also available separately.

"Will Atlantic's wireless system interfere with my other wireless products?" Most likely no, it will not interfere. But no manufacturer of wireless products can guarantee this for certain. Many products operate in the 2.4GHz range including Bluetooth devices, wireless routers and some cordless phones. In most cases the  technology used allows the products to share the frequency range and coexist without interference. However, it is possible that one device could interfere with another depending on several variables; including the number of devices, their proximity to each other, and the amount and type of data sent. Because Atlantic Technology uses high grade components and proper shielding in our products, there is a better chance that our products will not interfere with your other wireless devices. In the unlikely event you do experience a problem, our customer service department will assist you in resolving the issue!