Special PDF Download: Five Easy Steps to Maximize Your Home Theater Experience

Speaker placement will make or break your sound! When possible, set up your speakers symmetrically left to right in your room, outlining a circle around the primary listening position. That will give you the most accurate sonic representation of the movie soundtrack.

The Perfect Download to Maximize Your Experience

This fantastic Tech Paper article from Atlantic Technology has everything you need to know about creating the best Home Theater possible for your room. Complete with "secrets of the trade" tips, speaker placement information, entire sections on subwoofers and much more, it is a resource you won't find anywhere else. Below are just a couple of examples of tips you will find in this free download.


 "Tip: Sound staging is a fairly simple concept—when listening to a well-recorded CD on a properly set up speaker system, you should be able to close your eyes while sitting directly at the apex of an equilateral triangle in front of your speakers and hear the distinct placement of all the instruments in the recording as if they were performing for you on your own private stage. If you experiment with moving the speakers further apart or closer together, or change the angle which they are facing in, you will be amazed to hear the effect something as seemingly insignificant as a couple inches can have on your sound. Remember, the better your speakers sound in stereo, the better they’ll sound with movie soundtracks."

"TIP: Remember, the process of level calibration is not something you do once, but every time you rearrange your system, or add or change speakers or components. See the following section for detailed instructions on how to do this. And once again, read your owner’s manual, as it will outline the process for your specific equipment."

Everything you want to know about dipoles, bipoles, monopoles, setting cross-frequency, speaker size and much, much more is included in this Tech Paper.