System 4400

THX Select Subwoofer/Satellite Speaker System

sm_4400-System.jpg“This package is a stellar performer!” — Mark Fleischmann, Home Theater, Dec 2009 

Uncompromised THX-certified performance at a surprisingly reasonable cost
Like the System 4200e, our System 4400 represents the culmination of our efforts to develop the world's finest moderately-priced home theater speaker system. Compact, elegant, but extremely powerful, the 4400 features high-performance drivers and acoustic optimization controls, for perfect integration in a typical living room or den.

There is always one product in the lineup that seems to defy the price/performance relationship. People have told us that this one is it.

To take this incredible system one step higher, we are introducing the 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled Speaker Module. The 44-DA speaker module is designed to fit perfectly on top top of the 4400eLR speaker creating an integrated "one-piece" look. This is available in mid December.

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Rated for Medium to Large Rooms
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Feature List

  • 2-way system with acoustic optimization controls
  • Suggested subwoofer-642e SB 12", 350-watt, THX-certified 
  • Dipole/bipole switchable surround speakers
  • Satin Black or Gloss Black finish
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Model 4400 LR 4400 C 4400 SR
Type Sealed-box, 2-way
M-T-M array
Sealed-box, 2-way
M-T-M array
Sealed-box, Dipole/Bipole surround speaker
Woofer (2) 5 ¼” GLH (2) 5 ¼” GLH (2) 4 ½” GLH
Tweeter (1) 1" silk dome (1) 1" silk dome (2) 1” silk dome
Frequency Response 80Hz – 20kHz ±3dB 80Hz – 20kHz ±3dB 80Hz – 20kHz ±3dB
Nominal Impedance
Crossover Frequency 2.5kHz 2.5kHz 3kHz
Crossover Type Computer designed Butterworth 4th-order asymmetrical (time aligned)
Sensitivity 90dB 90dB 90dB
Recommended Amplifier Power 10 – 150 Watts RMS 10 – 150 Watts RMS 10 – 150 Watts RMS
Magnetic Shielding Yes Yes No
Dimensions w/ grilles (W x H x D) 8.3 x 15 x 9.5"
211 x 382 x 242mm
18.4 x 8.4 x 9.7"*
467 x 213 x 246mm
10.9 x 12.4 x 7.5"
277 x 315 x 191mm
Weight (ea) 15lbs; 6.8kg 17lbs; 7.7kg w/base 11lbs; 4.99kg

*Height includes tilt base.
Atlantic Technology reserves the right to change specifications or appearance at any time without notice.

4400 LR — Left and Right Front Channel Speakers

THX Select Model 4400 LR Front Channel Speakers are high-performance 2-way systems intended for use with a quality subwoofer, such as the THX Select Atlantic Technology Model 642e SB. Each 4400 LR contains two proprietary GLH (Graphite Loaded Homopolymer) 5.25" (135mm) midrange woofers, and an audiophile reference sm_4400_LR_BLK_front_grille.jpg1" (25mm) ferrofluid-cooled, damped silk dome tweeter, with a powerful neodymium magnet structure. The 4400 LR is available in High Gloss Black or Satin Black. The 4400 features a flush rear terminal cup and dual keyholes, for wall-mounting capability. 

The midrange and tweeter elements are configured in a midrange-tweeter-midrange array, providing wide left to right sound coverage while limiting the harmful effects of floor and ceiling reflections that color the sound and degrade vocal intelligibility. To further highlight the attention to detail that went into this system, Atlantic mounted the speaker components in an acoustically inert, heavily braced MDF enclosure, applying extensive magnetic shielding to improve mounting flexibility close to a video display without concern for picture distortion.

The 4400 LR's and C include unique acoustic controls that allow the system to be calibrated or tuned, maximizing their performance in the real world environment they are going to be used in. These controls include a special high frequency contour switch which compensates for overly damped (heavily carpeted or upholstered) rooms, or sm_4400_LR_BLK_rear.jpgespecially bright rooms. And a boundary compensation switch eliminates the negative effects of mounting a box speaker inside a cabinet, as is so popular these days. Engineered to the highest standards, these audiophile grade equalization circuits are a part of the crossover, meaning they will not degrade the sound of the speaker, but in fact will offer a significant improvement.

4400 C — Center Channel Speaker

For accurate reproduction of a multi-channel soundtrack, the three front-channel speakers must have the same sonic signature, which is why Atlantic engineers designed the 4400 C center channel speaker with the exact same driver complement as the matching 4400 LR speakers. They are both designed for use with a dedicated subwoofer, and the 4400 C includes the same unique acoustic controls as the 4400 LR.

sm_4400_C_BLK_front_ng.jpgOther than the 4400 C being designed to work horizontally, it is functionally identical to the 4400 LR.  The 4400 C is also magnetically shielded and can be placed directly adjacent to your CRT tube-based TV set with no adverse effects on the television's picture. Additionally, the 4400 C can be tilted on its dedicated base to provide optimum sonic coverage over the listening area.

The 4400 C is available in High Gloss Black or Satin Black.

4400 SR — Surround Speakers

4200_sr.jpgThe Model 4400 SR Dipole/Bipole Surround Speakers are purpose built for use in multi-channel audio/video sound systems as dedicated side or back surround channel speakers. The 4400 SR enclosure has two 4.5” (115mm) GLH woofers and two identical high performance silk dome tweeters as found in the 4400 LR front speakers. To further showcase the 4400 SR’s flexibility, the 4400 SR can be easily switched between Dipole and Bipole operation.

Due to the switchable Dipole/Bipole design, it’s possible to place the 4400 SR almost anywhere within the rear third of the room and achieve good results. However, the best location for surround speakers is generally straight out to the sides, or slightly behind the primary listening area, approximately 1-2 feet above seated ear level, but no closer than 2 feet from the ceiling. As noted above, the surround speakers (as opposed to the back speaker(s) in a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channel system, are primarily intended to re-create the ambient sounds taking place in the movie scene. Therefore, throughout most of a movie or TV program you may not be consciously aware of output from these speakers. In other words, don’t worry if you aren’t hearing the surround speakers. The 4400 SR’s come specially marked LEFT and RIGHT, so be sure the Left side surround speaker is placed directly to the left of the prime listening area (facing the screen) and the Right speaker is directly to the right side.

For smooth cosmetic integration, the 4400 SR is available in Black, and features integral key hole mounting.

642e SB — Subwoofer

642sb.jpgThe Atlantic Technology 642e SB THX Select powered subwoofer is a significant upgrade from its highly acclaimed predecessor. Compared to the original 642, we have developed a totally new driver with three times the motor size, a stiffer spider, and a heavier cone. It's a real "monster" of a driver. While the driver's free-air resonance remains at 25 Hz, the output of the sub from 35 Hz to 60 Hz-right in the impact range- has been improved by almost 3dB. Additionally, the 642e's amplifier has been tweaked for greater power delivery, resulting in greater undistorted peak output capability.

44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled Speaker

Working closely with Dolby Laboratories, Atlantic’s research and engineering team developed the 44-DA with its unique vertically-firing Concentric Driver Array (CDA™) to deliver the 44-DA-top-open_thm.jpgexcitement and realism of Dolby Atmos-encoded soundtracks with startling impact and holographic, three dimensional realism. The 44-DA’s frequency response and radiation pattern have been specifically engineered to meet these requirements.

The 44-DA speaker itself embodies the same high quality components—such as its long-excursion damped polypropylene 5 ¼” woofer, 1” silk-damped dome tweeter and optimized 1st-order Butterworth crossover—and meticulous attention to detail that are the hallmarks of all Atlantic Technology products.

The speaker modules fit perfectly on top of Atlantic’s THX-certified 4400LR  44-DA_on4400LR_onstand_thm.jpgspeakers creating an integrated, “one-piece” look. However, because of their compact design and neutral appearance, the 44-DA’s are also ideally suited to being used on top of other speakers or, equally important, as “stand-alone” elevation speakers in a complete Dolby Atmos system.

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