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System 1400

System 1400 Compact High Performance Home Theater System--includes industry-first "Height" speakers

sm_1400-System.jpg“Editor's Choice — looks good and sounds amazing.” — C/Net Reviews

The ideal speaker system for smaller home theaters
The System 1400 utilizes sophisticated mid-woofers and Atlantic's exclusive Low Resonance Tweeter™ to produce exciting, articulate, realistic sound, very much in the tradition of our award-winning $10,000 System 8200e.

The 1400 SR-z surround speakers are not only great surrounds, they're also the first speakers developed by anyone to be used with the new Dolby PL-IIz Height algorithm. Their small size and shallow mounting depth makes them the perfect speakers to mount in height applications.

All the components of the System 1400 deliver sound that's totally unexpected for this size product, with unprecedented mounting and placement flexibility.

Rated for Small to Medium Rooms
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Feature List

  • 2-way left-right speakers are stand, shelf, or wall mountable
  • Center channel speaker has acoustic optimization controls
  • Suggested subwoofer: 180-watt 10" 224 SB
  • Satin Black or Gloss Black finish (1400SR-z Satin Black only)
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Model 1400 LR 1400 C 1400 SR-z
Type Sealed-box, 2-way Sealed-box, 2-way
M-T-M array
Dipole-Bipole switchable surround
Woofer (1) 4 ½” GLH§ (2) 4” GLH§ (2) 3 ½” Poly-treated full-range with HFAR**
Tweeter (1) 1" Low Resonance Tweeter (1) 1" Low Resonance Tweeter  
Frequency Response 90Hz – 20kHz ±3dB 95Hz – 20kHz ±3dB 110Hz – 20kHz ±3dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms 8 ohms 8 ohms
Crossover Frequency 2.25kHz, 2rd order 2.25kHz, 2rd order 200Hz Hi-pass on one driver
Sensitivity 88dB 89dB 89dB
Recommended Amplifier Power 10 – 100 Watts RMS 10 – 125 Watts RMS 10-100 Watts RMS
Magnetic Shielding Yes Yes No
Dimensions w/ grilles (W x H x D) 6.4 x 10.4 x 7"
160 x 265 x 177mm
12.4 x 7.1 x 6.6"*
316 x 181 x 168mm
12.25 x 8 x 5.4"
312 x 204 x 138mm
Weight (ea) 6lbs; 2.7kg 8 lbs; 3.7kg 7lbs; 3.2kg

§Graphite Loaded Homopolymer
*Height includes tilt base.
** High Frequency Assistive Radiator
Atlantic Technology reserves the right to change specifications or appearance at any time without notice.

1400 LR — Front Channel Speakers

The Model 1400 LR Front Channel Speaker is a high-performance 2-way system intended for use with a quality subwoofer, such as the Atlantic Technology model 224 SB box-type subwoofer. Each speaker contains an advanced GLH (Graphite Loaded Homopolymer) 4.5” (115mm) woofer and Atlantic's exclusive 1” (25mm) Low-Resonance soft dome tweeter thm_1400_LR_GLB_front_grille.jpg(LRT™) with a powerful neodymium magnet structure. The speaker components are mounted in an acoustically inert MDF enclosure, with each speaker magnetically shielded so it can be placed close to a CRT-type TV set or magnetic media without concern for stray magnetic fields distorting the picture or causing damage.

These versatile speakers are equally suited for LR satellite, center or surround applications. For full features and specifications, be sure to download the PDF owners manual or the 1400-2400 literature.

1400 C - Center Channel Speaker

The perfect center channel companion for the 1400 system, this speaker employs a closely-grouped M-T-M driver array for optimum coverage of the listening area. In addition, as with all of our center channel speakers, the 1400 C comes with a unique tilting base so the speaker is always precisely aimed at your ears. This aiming capability ensures high intelligibility of voices, dialogue, and on-screen effects.

  • High Frequency Tweeter Level Switch - The 1400 C has a three-position switch to thm_1400_C_BLK_front_grille.jpgcompensate for 'live' or 'dead' room acoustics so the sound is never too bright or too dull. The high frequencies will always be in perfect proportion.
  • Boundary Compensation - Placing a center channel speaker directly on a large-screen TV or in a bookshelf unit can cause a buildup of lower midrange energy that makes voices and instruments sound unnaturally thick and heavy.

To compensate, we've developed a boundary circuit that counteracts this problem. When activated, the boundary compensation switch will return the lower midrange--particularly male voices--to its natural, uncolored state.

The 1400 C center channel shares the same design approach as our more expensive center channel speakers, but its smaller size and lower cost make it an excellent choice for smaller rooms.

224SB — Subwoofer

The 224 SB features a 10" long-throw composite cone driver with a vented motor structure and 2" high temperature, 4-layer voice coil. This powerful driver has a very stiff cone that thm_224_SB_BLK_front_ng.jpgacts like a piston throughout its operating range. Its massive magnetic motor assembly and high temperature component parts deliver exceptional performance and reliability. By utilizing a sealed enclosure design, the 224 SB offers unusually low distortion, and delivers deep smooth bass response with a gradual and predictable roll-off below resonance. As with all Atlantic Technology subwoofers, we have paid close attention to balancing accurate musical bass reproduction with terrific special effects slam.


More about the 224SB