Surround and Dolby Atmos Speakers


1400 SRz Compact Dipole/Bipole Surround

Compact design for stealthy surround applications

The Model 1400 SRz Dipole/Bipole Surround Speakers are intended for use in multi-channel audio/video sound systems as dedicated side or back surround channel speakers.

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IW-155 SR THX In-Wall Surround

Lifelike three-dimensional surround performance

The IW-155 SR is a premium-performance in-wall surround speaker that delivers spacious, enveloping surround effects for top-grade home theater systems.

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IW-115 SR In-Wall Surround

Compromise on budget, not performance

A perfect companion for small to medium sized theater installations, the IW-115 SR is a high-performance in-wall/in-ceiling surround speaker that delivers spacious, enveloping surround effects for top-grade home theater systems.

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IC-8.3/6.3 Tri-Mode In-Ceiling Speakers

2-way 8" or 6½" High Performance In-Ceiling Tri-Mode Speaker

The IC-8.3 and IC-6.3 TriMode™ ceiling mount speakers are the perfect high quality, multi-purpose solutions for any surround-sound or whole-house music installations where stealth is a key requirement.

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IC-6 OBA In-Ceiling Speakers

Dedicated Object Based Audio In-Ceiling Speaker!

The IC-6 OBA speaker is specifically designed to be used as the "elevation" component in an Object Based Audio system such as Dolby Atmos®, Auro 3D® and DTS:X® surround systems.

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44-DA Dolby Atmos Speaker44-DA_onshelf_sm.jpg

The 44 DA Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker puts sounds in motion all around you!

Dolby Atmos is a new technology that adds an unprecedented degree of realism to movie soundtracks.To fully realize the benefit and effect of this multi-dimensional sound technology in the home, specially engineered speakers are needed. Working closely with Dolby Laboratories, our R&D team has developed the 44-DA speaker module with a precisely angled driver array to direct sound to come alive form all directions, including overhead, to fill the home theater with astonishing power, detail and depth. This module fits perfectly on top of our THX-certified 4400 LR speakers or can be placed on top of any of our speakers or in the room as stand alone elevation speakers in a complete Dolby Atmos system.

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